PlayStation is known for its four iconic symbols: Square, Cross, Circle and Triangle. And the triangle has also always been Doritos’ signature shape.  We took this concept and created an Augmented Reality Quest game based on geo-location and blockchain technology that challenged fans to find the four PlayStation shapes in virtual Doritos bags across six countries - UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland & Australia.Collect all four shapes, and you would  win a PS5 console.

With their phones, users could explore a map of virtual Doritos bags (via mobile-web) and head to the real-world location to pick up prizes in AR. The platform used blockchain technology to share unique AR digital objects (Vatoms) with real-world value, such as  a PlayStation 5, games, digital subscriptions or other exciting prizes. We also drove footfall into Tesco stores  by giving away thousands of real bags of Doritos via a digital voucher. When Covid restrictions hit, we pivoted the game mechanic and allowed users to manually drop bags closer to their GPS location, thereby allowing all users to play safely in their homes.






Creative Director