Dune Metaverse Wearables

To celebrate the launch of the launch of sci-fi epic Dune, we wanted to appeal to the core fans and reach a new audience of tech savvy movie goers. We created a unique experience allowing fans to select from a range of custom designed digital wearables based on the famous outfits worn in the movie. Core fans can then create a custom avatar by uploading a selfie before customising the avatar and viewing in Augmented reality. But we wanted to take this further and give fans something they can take into the metaverse and wear across 2500+ AR and VR environments from VR chat, Sidequest, Somnium Space, Beat Saber. This generated huge buzz in the community and allowed fans the dress as their heroes while socialising across the metaverse with a personal perspective.

Date: October 2021
Client: Warner Bros Pictures/Legendary Entertainment
Role: Creative Director